Granville Street Mess Vancouver BC

it was busy night for Vancouver Police ems and fire dept. there mass problems with fights od’s I took a walk around 2am and i seen mass problems happening with this. Person on the ground od, and the problem is the left wing policies with free drugs, In this picture you can see this personContinue reading “Granville Street Mess Vancouver BC”

Anti pipeline rally protest Vancouver

well there was a anti pipeline protest today and the FN people were at the art gallery protesting the rights of FN i do support people right to protest but when name calling doxing comes in the play then i do support it there was some anti pipeline people at the art gallary i seenContinue reading “Anti pipeline rally protest Vancouver”

Shut down Facebook YouTube and my twitter account too much toxic far left

well everyone my Facebook YouTube and my twitter account i had to shut down because of the toxic problems from the Far left just coming after me even picking on me for who i am Last night pedo supporter Zero Tolerance was going to get HER TPS friend to investigate me because the far leftContinue reading “Shut down Facebook YouTube and my twitter account too much toxic far left”

BC courts support criminal Prolific offenders but BC courts support prosecuting Photographers

criminal Prolific offender Luke John Ryan is allowed to return to the supportive housing complex on Labieux Rd where he can rob more people assault more people for this Drug habit, Our court system is a mass problem with corruption and allowing drug back on the streets to commit more crimes is sad, BC hasContinue reading “BC courts support criminal Prolific offenders but BC courts support prosecuting Photographers”

Ashley Biden diary/ Hunter Biden

AS you know i have Ashley_Biden_Diary_Transcribe from a website that reports corruption check out Ashley_Biden_Diary because there are so many Things i have seen this Diary which there be some criminal charges applied So much corruption to bring down the Biden family and many more stuff out there Why is Hunter Biden doing business withContinue reading “Ashley Biden diary/ Hunter Biden”

Vancouver Police makes Phone call to me

well I am wondering who called Vancouver police on me but who ever did thank you every much because i was going through a shitty time because of Antifa where they have drove me nuts but there days are coming soon when there going to be unmasked from across Canada, i know theses punks watchContinue reading “Vancouver Police makes Phone call to me”