Mount Moriah RCMP Breaks in to Mount Moriah COUPLE HOUSE

(Troy Turner/CBC)

Alberta legal justice system and left wing nuts have a right to free speech

In Mount Moriah Two RCMP courrpted officers broke into a couples house went to there kids room to question about missing Gal,

cbc nl

the Rcmp said they rang the Door Bell but the couple do not have a door bell,

Very scary to have dirty rcmp to break the law without a proper warrant. if that was me questioning what happen i would have lawyers and judges up my ass for writing a story about this or jailed

I have to watch what I post because Alberta legal system will be up my ass for free speech but welcome to the shit system

Going back to this story every shocking to have two dirty rcmp officers breaking into some couple house, RCMP COPS cars have GPS name date and what time of the car was signed out

Pike went to the police detachment the next day looking for answers, and was told the officers were given permission to enter the home after knocking on doors and windows to no answer. well i dont believe the RCMP story something more fishy about this

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