Antifa militant allegedly dating San Diego Public Defender investigator, faces accusations of witness intimidation and doxxing

This is coming from The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo and journalist Eva Knott details how a San Diego Antifa member who was charged with multiple felonies allegedly has a close relationship with an investigator for the San Diego Public Defender Office and they allegedly worked together in obtaining information to intimidate witnesses and victims.

This is why in canada we have anti hate need to be looked at because they hire far left lawyers like angela beierbach getting tax money from the far left to shut people with orders for free speech

Antifa militant gf has been giving info out info out to doxx people even harrss people which the justice sytstem in canada supports

I have been accused of doxxing yes i have done it a few times but angela beierbach far left lawyer allow her  Antifa militant client to dox people and ruin peoples lives

Antifa militants need to be grilled

Conservative MP Dane Lloyd grilled the Canadian Anti-Hate Network today for falsely claiming that an anti-semitic flyer from Miami, Florida was at the Freedom Convoy protest. Executive Director admits they didn’t verify the photo and relied on hearsay. (Clip sped up for time.)

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