Can a internet troll hide from the net the answer is no


Always wonder if the trolls can be exposed for there online slander libel comments what they do to people and the answer is yes they can be exposed for there slander libel crap what they do

there are so many case laws in Canada where you can unmask a troll for making online slander libel comments about ya.

lets talk about How lawyers brought down internet trolls — without ever uncovering their identities, couple of lawyers filed a lawsuit about online slander libel comments about the trolls libeling people names and Ontario Superior Court of Justice Myers awards tons of money to some lawyers about the slander libel comments where you cant go online make gross comments even false claims bout people

Here is the case law if you wanna read that up to unmask a internet troll who are making online slander libel comments

Remember chuddy you can be held accountable for your actions what you say online

here is another one Manson v. John Doe where a troll or blogger was making slander libel comments about a person calling him lying crook, a Nazi, a pedophile and rapist, a thief which chuddy boy and his gang does they can be held libel for there actions

I could use Manson v. John Doe on jade for calling me a pedo when she has no proof even her friend pedo supporter petch from Calgary, I have better things too do but i hope people find theses trolls expose them for who they are get them under a court of law for there actions

Read up Manson v. John Doe if you do not know the law read up on it study it like what i have been doing because some lawyers do not even care but i am going to warn the trolls you are going to piss off the wrong person they will hunt you down

Here is another case law  Giustra vTwitter where twitter was being sued because many people on like aka trolls were calling this man pizza gate a pedophile and other names

The Honourable MrJustice E. Myers gave the green light to nail the trolls and twitter for the nasty comments, read up this case law, like chuddy boy and his pedo gang members can be exposed

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