Nanaimo drug addicts assault a senior and far left polices are supporting free drugs even assault people


its sad some senior was robbed by Nanaimo drug addicts , the city of Nanaimo allows the free for all to happen, someone is going to get killed because the city allows theses losers commit crimes be on the streets, here is the comment from facebook page where the person is not happy with the city for the allowing the idoits to run lose read what this person has to say about what happen

I’m outraged and disgusted at the Hellscape downtown Nanaimo has become. Yesterday (March 22) my wife was assaulted, thrown to the pavement and robbed by three street people in broad daylight on Terminal Avenue – and nobody did anything to help her! She is the kindest, sweetest person I’ve ever known, but is now so bruised and terrified she doesn’t want to go out alone.

She had taken money from the downtown TD bank (at around 4:00) and was heading to the Bank of Nova Scotia on Commercial Street to put it into her account. She was grabbed beside the Conference Centre, just past a line of crap-filled shopping carts the street people have set up (and the city has done nothing to remove), before being thrown to the pavement as three of them pawed her, pulling the envelope with the cash out of her pocket, and then scattering like the cockroaches they are.

These bastards must have been watching her at TD because they knew exactly what pocket to stick their filthy hands into. She was so shocked and terrified she can’t remember what they even looked like, only that they stunk as she was being roughed up. I’m sick with anger and fed up with city council’s complete impotence and incompetence in dealing with this ever-increasing problem.

When is the city going to do something about these lawless, out of control, feral assholes? I pity anyone trying to live, or work or operate a business in the city centre. It’s become a disgusting wasteland. ‘Reimagine Nanaimo’ – what a joke! Instead of patting yourselves on the collective back for winning meaningless municipal awards, or funding trendy New Age crap that benefits no one, deal with real world issues – like public safety! What will it take, someone being murdered in middle of the street for you to get off your complacent asses?

The far left govt with there policies allowing the drug addicts to commit crimes and assault people, the other day An employee of a Vancouver store was injured once again in another violent shoplifting incident caught on camera.

even this one too Vancouver police announced a charge against a man in connection to a stranger attack at a downtown SkyTrain station. but the person could of killed this senior gets a PTA for court

The far left will say oh the person has issues he or she need the free drugs for support

its time to stand up to the problem and get left wing polices out of the system

Comment and tell me what you think

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