Going to trial on the false charges for filming on a public side walk Vancouver BC/ Far left commenting

Well trial as been set for three days for the criminal harassment charge for filming on public side walk Where cst issac king and the Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier filed bougs charges on me

as you know i am going to trial in june for a dirty cop named Vancouver Police officer ISSAC king for the false charge for filming on a public side walk so called Criminal harassment back in april of 2021

I was out just filming when its not a crime Vancouver police officer issac king wants to hem me up on false charges for filming well here are the pictures to back things up when i wasnt committing no crime

Vancouver chuddy gay child skinner that bum f-ucks lil boys is making comments about my charges needs a new hobby then picking people but the far left need a new hobby but my friend knows chuddy boy gave me his address where he lives and some people might pay a visit to chuddy boy, don’t walk alone chuddy boy

TFW you “have a pre trail hearing today for the bogus charges for filming on a public side side walk back in april of 2022” & later make all your harrassing videos on YouTube private & delete your blog post. #trail #bougs #sidesidewalk #backinaprilof2022

HERE is the video of the false arrest but chuddy boy thinks i committed criminal harassment but does the Vancouver chuddy gay child skinner that bum f-ucks lil boys know the law hell no. has a old man that needs to be 6ft feet under

Fat native welfare bum Jade makes comments about me but this bitch lives in Calgary housing bitches alot about me

When people call others pedophiles ( I’m looking at you loser of life Doland ) it says more about them. I’m not the one who takes weird pictures of minors and or just barely legal girls and their ass. Or send a 12 year olds pic of their penis. That would be YOU Doland !!

Fat welfare bum jade really needs to hobby before the whale beaches but i though jade had mental health issues and problems oh when called out i lock down my tweets

fat welfare bum jade tells me my pictures suck well lets proof that wrong when i made some money off some of my photos

Comment and tell me what you think

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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