Vancouver under siege by Left wing Policies where criminal drug addicts get a free out of Jail card but VPD ARRESTED PHOTOGRAPHERS

photo of a VPD police car. PHOTO BY FRANCIS GEORGIAN /PNG

A man on Drugs on sat was causing a Ramage in the city of Vancouver even attacking terrorized at least five women and caused major property damage during a chaotic 40 minutes in the Fairview neighbourhood Saturday.

Vancouver Police got mass 911 calls about this person punching women smashing property but theses people had to take shelter from the attack,

the person was taken into custody and finding out this person was under psychosis.

The city of Vancouver is allowing drug addicts cause so many problems in the city because of left wing policies, You have Vancouver City Councillor jean swanson supports open drug issue and assaulting people plus funding  Drug User Liberation Front where they can assault people steal open drug issue

I took this picture couple of weeks ago where a gal was in mass stress and Vancouver Police dept doesn’t even know how do deal with the problems in mental health or drug problems while on the streets

Vancouver Police and dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier jack up photographers even false charges for taking pictures because some e-comm staff got butt hurt lied to the police about me

In 2019 i was charged for filming on a public side walk and i was going to be jailed because of a dirty cop names geedes unknown police officer for filming when its not a crime in Canada

Going back to the problems in Vancouver its turning to a portland usa style where crown prosecutors allow theses drug addicts to commit crimes and no jail time for there actions

The far left are the problem where they support raping kids open drug issue and many more problems, it needs to stop what happening in this world of lunacy

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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