Vancouver Chuddy Boy Unhinged hates freedom and hates life

Vancouver chuddy boy needs help

well another day in the world of Hate when my stalker chuddy boy is going on a internet rampage about people that he doesn’t like and calls them horrible names

Chuddy boy who works in the movie sector and my buddy has officially unmasked him plus found out his address i think Chuddy boy needs a mental health check up for his comments on line about people.

Chuddy boy hates freedom and goes after anyone that speaks the truth about the so called covid19 problems. In this tweet goes after anyone that he doesn’t like.

in one tweet chuddy boy Checking in again on unhinged Vancouver anti-whatever conspiracy theorists! First up is Putin fangirl (and eyebrow-disliker) Alicia Johnson

why does chuddy boy have to go online make fun of people for who they are because they don’t like what’s happening in the world right now

another comment from chuddy boy who lives in the west end of Vancouver keeps bitching about people who speak the truth whats happening in the world

but if anyone challenges chuddy boy will get his troll friends to go on a rampage about you call you racist a Nazi plus horrible names

Chuddy boy has threaten me with Caplan v. Atas, 2021 ONSC 670 (CanLII) case law saying i am writing about lies and saying this things plus calls me pumpkin which i would smash that pumpkin if i seen it

Chuddy boy needs to learn about Theralase Technologies Inc. v. Lanter, 2020 ONSC 205 (CanLII) case law where you cant hide behind the key board much longer for the crap theses people even chuddy boy says about people

Chuddy boy makes fun of me for who i am but i dont really care about chuddy

My friend has chuddy boys face and his home address my friend might release it when he is ready if chuddy boy keeps trashing up people my buddy will blast chuddy boys face and address all over line

Comment and tell me what you think

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