Far left goes nuts about me on Twitter

Welfare bum jade far left having there fit on twitter about me

well i see the far left are having a fit about me because i was going to calgary to hunt for Pedo petch and jade fat native welfare bum this summer

Calgary fat welfare bum is at it again with me when i said i was going to calgary to hunt for her, her pedo tranny friends online coming to the aid of her calling me names plus saying i am racist, and yes i have been very racisit in the past and i am not proud of it

Screen shots of Tranny pedos coming to the aid of this fat Calgary welfare bum

jade pedo friends who support defunding the cops wants to call the cops on me well bring it because if i get charged i will have ur info with the statement form and i will leak it how you pedo supports dox people even assault people

I have done stories about Jade whos a fat welfare bum in calgary hates her life but wants to get her 6ft2 son after me because she cant fight her own battles

Jade has a mental health problem lives in calgary housing and has painic attacks but can go online to trash me up make slander comments about me

I am waitting for the day the fat welfare bum to call calgary police on me to have me false charged then i can leak info about the lying sack of crap who on aish bitches alot

Jade comes to the aid where a city of Calgary security officer as sexual talks with me then lies about me to the Calgary Police with ten bs charges

I dont like Jade and her tranny pedo friends but they keep pushing it but theses left wings pedo better dust up their history books, read and learn how their role models like Nikolai Yezhov and Genrikh Yagoda met their end Careful what you wish for #leftists…….Once they are finished with the “Plague rats” you so hate, they’ll come for you.

Thank you Donald NNCIM

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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