Edmonton public school Teacher caught luring children on line By DOG/DADS ON GAURD

Shane Johnson Edmonton teacher caught luring children on line

Online Group called DOG/DADS ON GAURD caught a Edmonton public school Teacher luring children on line,

Jack Shultz and his partner go online to find idoits that want to sex with kids set up decoy’s to catch the losers who do this to kids,

Jack Shultz and his partner Got a Edmonton school teacher fired from his job after posting is dick and luring child for sex,

Shane Johnson Edmonton teacher in this video was caught doing something he should of never done, i am not happy what i seen my self and the gross chats this person should be criminally charges asap for what he did but Edmonton police may not charge this persin

I have downloaded the Video from YouTube because YouTube likes to censor people for exposing idoits that goes after kids

Here are some of the chat logs and I dont know why this person is not in jail for his actions

Jack and his crew went to Shane’s house,Shane wife wasnt happy for being exposed for luring a child for sex

My 1st time ever writing a disturbing article like this. Why is the system allowing child diddler on the streets and break the law

As a person who has a niece that is 15 to 16years old and this person did this to my niece I would of killed him asap

The fake news hasn’t picked this up yet but I am sure they will soon

Comment and tell me what u think Donald Nncim

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

2 thoughts on “Edmonton public school Teacher caught luring children on line By DOG/DADS ON GAURD

  1. Thank u for writing about this goof. Seriously? A grade 5 Teacher… Our children are not safe at school and that is where they were spending more then half of their day in the schools care. I am Outraged hearing about this sicko!!


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