Toronto Police/ Freedom fighters/Antifa protester’s

Toronto Police have shut down traffic around the Hospital because of Trucker Protest

As mayor john tory has ordered the Toronto police service to keep law and order in Toronto

i have covered many protest in my life but Toronto police allow Antifa to assault people threaten and do more,

Toronto safety alert be on the look for 
josh chernofsky Antifa member even court process server will Dox you with his Antifa FRIENDS 

Toronto Antifa and Ottawa Antifa are planning to start shit tomorrow

theses people have weapons and well assault you but the liberal courts will support theses losers

Unhinged stalker who works for the movie company plus supports raping kids

is on line bitching about Vancouver protest tomorrow,

This loser hates his life and loves raping kids hates freedom

Antifa is putting the so CALLED safety alert out making slander comments about people which they love to best

Safety Alert. (1) Share the Route: Ensure folks are aware of the route (2nd slide) and can plan for their safety. (2) Support Impacted folks: Plan with folks who may need access to essential items & services during this day. (3) Remove any identifying info: Crop out any names, identifiers etc when circulating info. Do not tag personal accounts if you are circulating info. (4) No names in the streets: Do not use activists names in the streets, social media or on any unsecured channels. (5) Cops don't keep us safe: Cops do not & will not keep us safe. Do not call for cops to "do their jobs" in response to the convoys. Any calls for the expansion of policing will not create safer communities.

Toronto Party has got started where people are pissed off

some Antifa loser wants to break the law by throwing things at peaceful protesters

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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