Email to the Province of BC ABOUT THE FALSE CHARGES,,,

Hello there i don’t know if someone from the Justice DEPT want to comment when you have a Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier wants to throw a innocent man in jail for filming on public sidewalk and the 911 building e-comm with security cameras film me but i am falsely arrested for taking pictures because someone govt worker or city worker got pissed off for someone filming in a public place. I have written stories about the  Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor Marcel lehouillier failing to hand me over full disclosure so i can defend myself.It’s almost been a year since I haven’t seen  the full video of my camera from the Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor Marcel lehouillier saying the cops have it. 

I want to remind the justice dept that taking pictures in public isnt a crime but making a false report is a crime and I think the justice minister needs to jump in this matter and look at it.Read the story i wrote because people know what’s happening and there sick of the abuse i am getting from  the Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier, I am in the process to sue the shit of the justice minister and the crown for the abuse i am gettingI am not going to shut up[ until someone from the justice minister office answer the questions 

I am photographer and the justice dept allowing a jerk  Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier to waste tax money for someone filming on a side walk when it’s not a crime in canada, I am going to keep speaking out because the justice minister needs to step in say why are we charging this person when it’s not a crime in canada to film 
here is some of my work i do and i am wondering if i am going to get charged with criminal harassment for taking photos in a public 
again i am going to be suing the Province and the city soon if someone doesn’t step in and deal with the bouqs false charges someone needs to look into this because the jackass Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier hasn’t gave me full proper disclosure and keeps lying to the judge all the time.This is time i am not playing around i will be suing the province and the crown for breaching my charter of rights 
Look up Henry v. British Columbia (Attorney General) because the province paid a man 8 million bucks who was in jail wrongfully because of Dirty Vancouver crown prosecutor 
i hope someone emails back because if they dont i am going to file this civil suite soon, Thanks donald

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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