Pat King exposed and needs to be criminally charged

Pat King exposed and needs to be charged

May be an image of 1 person, beard, outdoors and text that says "THE THEREAL REAL PAT KING"

AS you know pat king is riding this movement to make a buck and try to be on the world stage by scamming people,

Pat King is a mass scammer and a lying saying he was a vet lost his leg in Afghanistan, well thats not true at all and he came out to say he was sorry for what he did

people to taking to Facebook calling out pat king and why do people support a grifter oh i was in the army

Twitter Kurt Phillips

Here is the video of this idoit coming out i am sorry for lying and causing much problems

Why is Pat king not criminally charged for making Threats to the PM OF CANADA and supporting bullets at the house of commons? i said some shit like that and i ended up on a officer saftey list

Here is the Video to back it up about pat king making threats to shoot up the House of commons (Facebook live: 16Dec21)

From the far left twitter page pat coming on his stream and making threats to the police i am going to shoot a cop, again i said that shit and it landed me on a officer safety watch list

Pat king with this fake native bs and makes more lies

Here is a Video of Pat king being called out by the FN people asking if he was FN pat King say look it up

Pat king at the LEG grounds scamming the FN people then gets arrested for being a jerk

Comment and tell me what u think

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

One thought on “Pat King exposed and needs to be criminally charged

  1. Yup this was never about the truckers.. they saw a crack a following of frustration about border crossing and latched on I did my homework to see who was running this shit show.. and first couple videos saw right threw this idiot..then checked out the rest.. rat pat king likes to sue everyone that he has a problem with..I noticed or he is Done…. his famous last words.. and now look at the mess they all left those truckers to fight while the rest of pack is in jail…these truckers might of had more support if it wasn’t for this anti government assholes..racist animals. And now look the hate that’s being spewed I’m guilty if it.. but why can’t they see they got played.. I heard rat pat king say to someone on one of his live post Windsor wasn’t part of there group.. I was like wow .there not helping them either left them out to fight fend for themselves..and then called his trucker supporters chicken for leaving yesterday… hey but I guess there’s lots of FREEDOM in Jail..Right????George and rat pat and George do a live and George is farting like wtf who in there right mind would take these morons seriously…? Thank goodness there leaving and getting towed, or dragged lmao and hopeful we weren’t that much of an laughing stalk. Of the world of being kidnapped by Alberta Hillbillies….Hopeful Ottawa can get back. Get everyone out and working and enjoying this new way of life.. .watching from port colborne .oh ya Pss.not sure I want to see a flag for a bit..this will always be a trigger or reminder of this 20 something day nightmare for Ottawa Folks.. Don’t worry Ottawa we got your back …as pats famous words you got a lawsuit coming ,, lmao lorrie.


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