Vancouver World Wide freedom Movement Jan 22nd 2022

Vancouver world Wide freedom Movement Jan 22nd 2022


In some parts of the world right now there is a World Wide freedom Movement happening where people are sick of the police state the lies and many more.

I have been going to theses movements for the last 2 years and have been to Toronto for some of them.

I will tell ya i said i would not get vaxxed and guess what i did because of work plus i travel for photography work

Its been two years and the Govt makes all theses new rules oh you need to be vaxxed to be in restaurants and travel, well its sad we are living back in time where this happened aka show me ur papers

many people are getting assaulted for standing up for there rights and the far left are on twitter doxing people threaten to assault people for standing up for there rights

Canada is turning into a left wing thug country where you have a anti hate and BMO FUNDING a bunch of Thugs to again hurt people

Kurt Philips whos a school teacher in Alberta that supports assaulting people doxxing people and writing slander stories about people. when i called out and publish this losers info all over line, he has to go to a AHS LAWYER THAT WAS paid 600bucks hr to jail Kevin j Johnston and other people thats a info i got from a source

another reason why people go to freeedom movements because of crap like this. cops jacking up people for swimming and other things

Lets talk about  Costco store in Etobicoke where security staff even TPS jacking up a man for not wearing a mask but the far left support people getting there asses kicked

but if you threaten to kick a far left ass oh we need to shut you down and have lawyers on you even judges

Trucker Freedom convoy close to 2million bucks and guess whos running that Pat king with his scammers out there, why make money off this movement and fuck many people over cause so much problems

Comments like this drive me up the wall and I am sick of the division happening, yes i am friends with some of theses people but oh lets raise money and fuck people over needs to stop

No description available.

sample of my work of me covering Freedom rallys and many people were getting along but when the shit show broke out it caused problems

lets do this tomorrow and make history

thanks Donald

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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