Truckers Headed To Ottawa To let Justin Trudeau we are not messing around but the Grifters are making a killer off this movement

So many Truckers around Canada are headed to Ottawa to let Justin Trudeau we are not messing around for the Vaccine Mandate

Dozens of Manitoba truckers parade vehicles to protest federal vaccine  rules | CBC News
cbc news Image

so many people are not happy with Justin Trudeau and his so called Vaccine Mandate to keep your job, Tell that to the truckers who are very pissed off with the govt and its time for Canadians to stand up say enough is a enough with dictator Justin Trudeau running the show wrecking this country

The new rules also require US truckers to present proof of vaccination in order to cross the border. Many of them continue to decline the shots rather than gain access to Canadian destinations thats bringing problems with groceries shevles are empty because of this new rule in place

Under canadian law the govt of canada cant not push for a Vaccine Mandate but welcome to dictator Justin Trudeau who hates the law only breaks the law

here is the report Canadian National Report on Immunization, 1996 saying the govt of Canada cant bring in the Vaccine Mandate

The far left are commenting about the truckers and there grifting like Pat king and many other people making a killer off this movement and we know anftia gets funding from the federal govt to slander and assault people who stand up to freedom

Josh Chernofsky In this picture is a far left wing nut likes to make fun of people and threaten to assault people but you threaten him back he will call 55div in Toronto on ya

Tamara Lich raised near 2million bucks and her so called Grifter friend pat king is going to fuck many people over in this movement. there so much Facebook chatter about this BS GOING ON where the money isnt going to the truckers

so many people are calling out Pat king and his grifter friends because there are laying shack of shit

Here is a Video pat saying sorry that i lied saying i was a army vet shocking how people support this loser

i have followed this scum bag loser and its time for him to be exposed for who he really is

May be an image of one or more people, beard and text that says "Pat scam King 2019 used Martin Broussen a Homeless Veteran to Scam money from Canadians. Claimed his mother is native. Now claims his mother lives on a Reserve. Claimed he was Army Special Forces when he lost his Leg in Afghanistan Claimed he would sell a Harley Davidson bike to buy a PTSD service Dog for a veteran in need. Fly's Canadian Military Flag as he claims to support Soldiers and Veterans."

Going back to the truckers i am glad there going to Ottawa and let dictator Justin Trudeau we are not fucken around, about time for people to stand up on dictator Justin Trudeau

Tomorrow is the world wide freedom movement in Vancouver and many more are happening, i will get tons of pictures and post them with the report i will be doing

Donald smith

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

2 thoughts on “Truckers Headed To Ottawa To let Justin Trudeau we are not messing around but the Grifters are making a killer off this movement

  1. Just letting you know that you are actually spreading serious misinfo on the go fund me. If you are not aware of this from the start then you dont know anything. This isnt grifters, Tamara has already contacted go fund me to help get fuel organized and had to set up a committee with accountants to make sure the money is properly distributed to who needs it. Also, the initial sum was 150k to help with fuel, food and accomodations. But people kept donating at such a break neck pace that they had to keep raizing the ceiling. Next time, maybe you should actually do journalistic work and SPEAK to Tamara herself instead of relying on the idiots on Twitter about this who are deliberately trying to discredit the movement any which way they can.


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