Toronto Covid 19 Hotel Rooms for the Homeless/ shelter problems

Hotelm room for covid 19

Well another day in this world of lies and problems in Toronto even other places.

I want to talk about the covid19 hotel rooms in Toronto and the money being wasted on.

I spent 15 days in the nicest room in toronto durning covid19 because i was tested postive for the virus twice,

some of the floors in the hotel had shelter for the homeless people with there nice rooms Wi-Fi and you name it,

Tax money should of been spent on housing drug treatment centers and plus many more

but i am wondering how much did the city of Toronto and the Province wasted tax money for the so called Hotels where there were so much places destroyed by people who were on drugs or having a mental health break down

one picture from the Hotel where the Homeless people were staying was trashed it so bad

the open drug issue and problems is bad too

Toronto residents demand action after popular four-star hotel becomes  homeless shelter | CTV News
Ctv Toronto Picture

Toronto Homeless shelters The better living center open drug issue fighting sex in the bathroom and many more, city turns a blind eye about that

Theses Antifa Left wing nuts in the Pictures I took when I was in Toronto want everything handed them for free but when you call them out your called a white supremacist and other gross names

Going back to the hotels and the covid19 tax money should of went to proper Housing drug treatment centers then Hotels where homeless people are on drug to trash it

Two pictures of the covid 19 hotel and homeless shelter and again How much did this cost the Tax payers?

Comment and tell me what you think

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