Mass Trucker convoy Headed to Ottawa and how many Grifters making money off this

Pat King lying sack of Trash

as you know Mr pat king the Grifter well known lair is headed this convoy to Ottawa, For years ago Pat king was part of united we roll make 6000 bucks and more off this movement. many people have gave this scammer money and saying i am a army vet then the truth comes out from,

Pat king doesnt lie and comes out kelly grifter doesnt know what she’s talking about

Here is a convo i had with someone where pat King scammed money from people and more of the truth is opening soon about this lair

Here is the Video pat saying i am sorry because you were caught for your actions

the Go funded me page right now for the scammers his nearing a 1million bucks

and this is why i pushed my self back from this Movement. I knew shit was going to happen like this

There is so much Dirt on this man and there will be videos coming out soon i dont know but its sad how many people are making money off this movement and lying to the people

how much money did pat scam from the 1st nations people and lie saying i am part

I have Video of Pat saying I am not a grifter but I cant pay some of my bills but pat what you are doing this movement, trying to make a name out of self Hmm

here is a another Video saying the alberta Sheriffs almost broke my back another lie comes through pat kings mouth

We have Pat King making Threats to the PM and where are the criminal charges

Pat King and false employment and professional status claims but i am army vet

Rebel media calls out pat King

Comment and tell me what you think

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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