Did Solicitor General Mike Farnworth kill Mak Parhar

mak parhar Good friend Did Solicitor General Mike Farnworth kill Mak Parhar

I want to talk about mak parhar a really good friend who died and had a tough battle

Mak was the 1st casualty to lose his Bussiness under the so called covid 19 bs rules.

Mak was going through a tough time with dealing with the Govt and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth calls him an idiot for COVID-19 denial,

Mak Parhar is not “narcissistic, self-centred idiot you are Mike Farnworth


well Solicitor General Mike Farnworth you killed my friend who was trying to make a hard living, Its two years now and same old lies from dr bonnie henry two weeks to flatten the curve,

Mak was a funny guy but he did push the limits on many things but in the end i did support them for his cause

Mak was targeted for speaking out on the Covid 19 crap Leave me the fuck alone. Let me live my life. Stop infringing on my rights,” yes he was right what he was saying because he was sick of being bugged everyday

The far left were the problem calling mak horrible names anti masker and anti vaxxer

but you dont see them get attacked for there comments what they do too people out there

MAK did enter Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster to investigate the validity of COVID-19. well Mak was right the Hospitals are not full there empty and this whole crap of covid19 is a sham

The media has came after me for the stuff i do and i try not to let it bugg me at all but the far left have done so wrost things out there they need to be exposed

I want to know how many Judges out there are getting paid off to throw innocent people in Jail because they speak the truth about this fake plandemic and the bs crap the govt has done too us

Mak Parhar was in jail for breaking the breaking the Quarantine Act But the Govt allow child killers and woman beaters out of jail but you stand up to the Govt sorry we will throw ur ass in jail

I SUPPORT mak for filming himself ‘investigating’ COVID-19 test site, hospital because how many nurses are getting hush money to shut up about the Truth

comment and tell me what you think

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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