Online streamer formerly mayoral candidate Kevin Johnston is currently has a warrant after failing to arrive at a Calgary remand center

According to Antihate network who is funded by the trudeau gov

Kevin Johnston is on the run right now for failing to show up to the Calgary remand center for his weekend time,

Calgary Police are looking for kevin right now and i am wondering if his grifter friends will do the right thing and turn kevin over,

Never run from the law because they will catch you because i had it happen to me and i almost paid a big price for it

Kevin has done some shady things and he should of kept his big mouth then this should of Never happen, yes i have big mouth my self and it has got me in trouble with courts

Monday evening, multiple slander activists sites began to point to messages by other members of the “patriot” movement who posted in a private encrypted chat room that Johnston had not appeared over the weekend. 

so called Anti fash movement that doxx people comment about kevin like

Josh Chernofsky who i know well made some comments about kevin not showing up

Josh went to some nice restaurant which Mohamad Fakih owns

yes i said some things my self about Mohamad Fakih i am very wrong what i said

there are good people and bad people out there

Johnston was scheduled to be at the courthouse at 361 University Ave in Toronto at 10 a.m. Tuesday to begin serving an 18-month sentence handed down by Justice Fred Myers in October. That was for violating a court order to stop defaming Fakih — recently named to the Order of Canada — after repeatedly calling him a “terrorist” and “baby killer.”

In the sentencing, Myers said “if Johnston does not surrender himself at the time and place stipulated, a warrant for his arrest will issue.”

i am wondering if there is going to be some charges on the grifters for supporting him and his lies

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