Breaking news Kevin J Johnston did not turn him self in and how many grifters are aiding and abetting Him

Today was suppose to turn him self into jail today

Breaking news from the Antifa twitter page Josh saying Congratulations Kevin J Johnston, you are now a fugitive. The order clearly says 10 am eastern standard time. I wonder how many people will turn their backs on you now. Not very many people would risk getting charged for aiding and abetting.

i am wondering if the cards are going to fall on theses losers who scam people for money saying there going to help people when they dont like fake chris sky rest of the gang

Canada wide warrant is going to be issued for Kevin J Johnston for not showing up to his court hearing and jail sentence,

i have learned from my years from court never run at all because the law will get you

another person needs to be in jail misty wind another grifter who had a nice condo and now is using this rapper as fame, misty wind has three warrants out for her arrested elder abuse and other charges

facebook Misty wind

lots of people on twitter are commenting about Kevin and yes Kevin is a clown for shooting off his mouth

comment and tell me what you think

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