Breaking news April LaJune American trying to get a illegal over to the US border

April LaJune commiting criminal acts under TITLE 8, U.S.C. 1324(A)

well there is a YouTube Video online April LaJune she was trying to get Kevin across to the US AND her friends was going to pick him, under TITLE 8, U.S.C. 1324(A) thats a felony charge,

In the Video heard Kevin was lost for 15hrs and she’s saying the Govt is going to kill him well that’s might be true for Kevin speaking out too much but Kevin should of layed low let things die down

I know Kevin and yes he fucked lots of people over oh help me with the legal fees and the work i do, Now the price has to be paid,

Canadian laws do suck with the speech we use but Antifa can slander people even hurt people no jail time for what they do to people

Twitter is still buzzing about Kevin but the tables are going to turn on some of the Antifa members I am hearing criminal charges for there cyber bullying and doxxing what they do to people

Kevin was not properly prepared for the weather and yes he could of Died in the nasty -40s

Under current U.S. asylum law, people convicted of “particularly serious crimes” are barred from being granted asylum in the United States. … A crime is always deemed a “particularly serious crime” if it is characterized as an aggravated felony under immigration law

But lets see what happens if they do let Kevin stay in the states or not

Comment and tell me what you think

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