Trudeau calls the unvaccinated racist and misogynistic extremists On a QUEBEC TV SHOW

But he said the people of Quebec are not the problem and questioned whether the rest of Canada needs to “tolerate” the unvaccinated.

well the PMO went on a rampage on a Quebec tv show saying unvaccinated racist and misogynistic extremists On a QUEBEC TV SHOW.

This is in French and i am sorry people

I don’t know where is mentally ill loser gets his fact from calling the unvaccinated racist and misogynistic extremists when we know Justin Trudeau is a child diddler for having sex with a minor at west point grey school then paid the gal tons of money to have her not talk about it

Here is the English translate what the PMO SAIDA about the unvaxxed

How much do you give to slander people online and hurt people Justin pedo?

The Far left are bunch a racist and misogynistic extremists calling people nazi scum

make up slander lies about people even get theses people hurt

the Fifth a state paid Antifa for interview to track the far right by assaulting them and doxing them this is why fake news suck

This Jason Devine Antifa Calgary supporter that hates people and loves to hurt people

he supports doxing people who are not vaxxed at all when you are the problem


I dont like the gay extremists what they do to people aka chuddy boy i wish i had his face because i would love to blast him all over line for what he did does too people

Going back to Justin Trudeau hes a clown and sex offender needs to be jailed

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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