CN Rail wins right to privately prosecute Northern BC rail blockade Native BLM ANFTIA WHITE Terrorist

CN Rail can prosecute Native BLM ANFTIA WHITE Terrorist

Photo: Resource Works video screengrab
CN Railway tracks blockaded near New Hazelton, B.C in February 2020.

well CN Rail has won the right to privately pursue criminal charges against three people who participated in a 2020 rail blockade in Northern B.C., despite the fact that provincial prosecutors declined to get involved.

as i know provincial prosecutors will not deal or jail the left for there criminal crap they do on people or commit Terrorist stuff.

How Much tax money was wasted that Crown prosecutors want to support the left and not jail them for there trash they do.

well The ruling cements the B.C. Supreme Court said CN Rail has right to privately prosecute Northern BC rail blockade participants, its time for the Native BLM ANFTIA WHITE Terrorist to be jailed for there crimes because theses people hate freedom and only support hurting people

The transgender leftest are the problem too when they protest too because they dox people hurt people and call people nazi scum for no reason no jail time for them

Vancouver crown prosecutor marcel lehouillier will prosecute Photographers for taking pictures on public side walks and jail them but Crown prosecutors will cover up the left criminal acts

comment and tell me what you think

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