YouTube censors Independent Media

picture by billmuehlenberg

YouTube issued strike against the NNCIM News Now Canada Independent media for reporting the news but i was hit with a this strike saying i was doing medicial misinfo on my channel, This is the Video i posted but YouTube thinks i broke there policy law when i didnt

#Youtube can ban NNCIM News Now Canada Independent media and other media from posting legitimate news content but if you are the fake news there channel can talk about the lies and trash innocent people for nothing

I have my channel gone many times because of the Far left have made false complaints about my channel like this person who hides behind a key board trashes people up online

Theses people break twitter Policy everyday and there not shut down for there actions what they do to people

why does YouTube allow the far left to make false complaints and shut people channels down for nothing

I have reached out you tube for a comment but they haven’t emailed me back yet

Comment and tell me what you think

News Now Canada Independent media
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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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