Twitter trolls hate them selves

well another day in the stalking world when this fat welfare bum jade just bitches all the time about me and slander me to the teeth talking to her pedo friends about me

The comment about this fat welfare bum saying I wonder if PWD would like to know you worked in TO and spent over 100,000 this year, what when you only get 1000 a month. So I am thinking you owe the government GRIFTER.

Jade whos on aish with a brain injury gets 1688 from the Alberta govt and lives in Calgary housing pays maybe 200 bucks a month, for a nice place.

Maybe its time for people to call calgary housing and aish to report this fat welfare bum to see how much money that her kids are sending her to see how she likes it

oh i am fucking parasite yes my siblings talk to me all the time welfare fat bum

This fat welfare bum wants to get her 6ft3 son after me because welfare bum cant fight her own battles

Oh i have brain problem but you can still run your mouth like a bitch and trash people

and seeing anftia member who supports raping kids i would call the cops have donald

Twitter allows theses jerks to break twitter policy all the time but if i say something i am banned for commenting or more but why is twitter protecting theses keyboard warriors

This Antifa member saying on twitter Any woman who sees this greasy person would steer the other way. Hate and stupidity really do age a person hey? #gross

Tyna McNair has a nice place but she bitches about climate but how does this rich loser heat up her nice house, i know you live burquitlam because you posted it then deleted ur picture, so hows the snow Tyna and hows heating ur nice place this is ur profile on twitter Political Rantress-BScMA Pro-healthy economy, climate action, biodiversity + ACCOUNTABILITY #science #environment #ocean #humanrights #democracy #antifa

This is Tyna Mcair Facebook and look up her on twitter because she supports the anftia child pedo system plus supports climate change but again how does this person heat up there nice house hmm

Comment and tell me what you think

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