St. Sault Marie police beat up a man for not having the show me ur papers while eating

St Sault Marie Police have some Explaining too do after assaulting a man for not showing his papers

A bunch of protesters or freedom fighters were in the station mall downtown soo trying to have a meal without them being bothered by cops or mall security.

well in Canada now if you want to have dinner or lunch even grab a meal show me ur papers.

In the Video i have downloaded the cops went over board by arrested even assaulting a man while not committing no crime

i have seen in other places if you dont wear a mask or have so me ur papers like this one in  Grande Prairie ab.

a mother with her kids wanted to eat and sit down over power tripped rent a cop kicks her out plus assault her, this is why ppl need to stand up and fight back

Here is the full video of what happen and tell me what crime did theses ppl commit you be the judge

I have reached out to the media team of the soo police for a comment nothing yet

comment and tell me what you think

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