Glacier Media does a slander story about me

well every shocking when a fake news writes a slander article about me and do not ask me about what happen

Well Jeremy Hainsworth needs to find a another job after he wrote a slander story about me saying i am  homophobic, anti-COVID attacks, anti-COVID rhetoric which isnt true at all

so i am charged for filming on a public side walk for criminal harassment when its a not a crime at all in Canada but Vancouver Police thinks it is a crime even the crown too

here are some pictures and do you see any criminal harassment happening nope

so let me tell ya the story what happen i was filming on a public side april 27th 2021 taking pictures or video of e-comm or anything i can see in a public place here is the Video to back it up when recording

But i dont have the Video when i was arrested because the cops took my phone video camera you name it from me

in 2019 i was charged for the same thing and check out the Video when i was clearly in the right what i was doing and Vancouver police was in the wrong what they did to me

Google maps need to be charged with criminal harassments for taking pictures in a public place

Comment and tell me what you think

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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