Beginning Saturday, people in New Brunswick who do not show proof of full vaccination can be barred from entering grocery stores to buy food.

In canada now show me ur papers in Grocery stores now if you are now Vaxxed at all Hmm?

well as we live in a police state with cops now checking your papers in groceries to buy food,

i dont feel like i am not in canada any more i feels like i am in Nazi germany right now.

every where you go now show me ur papers to sit in malls and other places to eat.

when you barr someone from the store because they dont want the vax shot, the govt is going to cause a riot and thats what they want.

The far left aka trannys gays are the problem and they support a police state they support raping kids and many more.

they will rat you out to the cops if you do not show papers and plus pick on ya for who you are,

The far left need there ass kicked and a good beating because there out of control like chuddy boy, chuddy boy needs to some public street justice for his actions

Going back to the police state problems ppl need to wake up asap

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