Anftia doesnt want me around i wonder why

June, 2020. Pantifa Always in a Bunch. : r/ModernPropaganda
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I know the anftia losers watch me like a hawk but i dont care what the losers say about me

well i see the left wing nuts keep making comments about me and hate free speeh but they shut down free speech all the time when ppl expose the

I see this anfita member Vancouver soy supports having sex with kids doesnt want me back in vancouver because this loser hates his life when i call him or she out on there things.

vancouver soy supports having sex with kids has threaten to call the cops on me because i said i would find you and do things on ur public side walk but i though these clowns hate the cops shocking. I am mocked by kiddy sex supporter all the time and one day this clown will find out the hard way,

i see Vancouver POlice suppport this loser and supports this pedo having sex with kids

chuddy really hates him self and i hope one day someone leaks me his address because i have some nice surpise coming for chuddy boy and his gang

This is Kurt Phillps anftia pedo kid support even a a Jr. High Social Studies teacher, teaching at a Catholic School in Drumheller, Alberta likes to assault people and dox people

wonderin if this loser is still a teacher at a catholic school

Jade anftia pedo kiddy suppoter the welfare bum whos on aish i have panic attacks loves to run her mouth but when called out her pedo friends come to her aid to trash me up all time threaten to assault me and more.

comment and tell me what you think

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