Toronto Remembrance Day ceremony But Ont leg peace officer tells me i am secuirty risk for taking pictures

well i took the day to check out Remembrance Day ceremony in toronto where i had some problems with a over power tripped peace officer at the leg questions me for talking pictures of dougies securtiy team, this loser demanded my id and asking me questions about pictures, then gets into the  private property act well buddy ur wrong look up  Bracken v. Fort Erie (Town), 2017 ONCA 668 (CanLII)

here is a clip of this clown telling me Chelsea Hillier Randy Hillier will be not be in govt in 2021 and i am like what did this clown say again but i left after

Old city hall Toronto where i was in the media Area gettin some good pictures of the remembrance day ceremony without being jacked up by ont leg goons

liberal marci ien was in the crown today with the Mayor of Toronto Taking in some speeches

many war vets laying reefs and paying there respects then jerks from Kelowna that hijack a remembrance day ceremony

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