Anftia Member JOSH CHERNOFSKY Calls the div 55 on me because i posted his Info all over line

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Anftia member JOSH CHERNOFSKY Toronto calls the cops on me for posting his address all over line but i thought anftia hates the cops hmm

JOSH CHERNOFSKY works for anti hate and anftia calls on the cops on me for posting his info all over line, its sad how theses anftia members want to hurt me try to ruin my life and do more, its not going to happen if they keep trying what they do

as josh keeps runnin his mouth on twitter and starts with everyone but when called out the cops had to be called from Josh saying i am fear for my saftey when thats not true

well whats this Josh you are on a anftia facebook page and you do not work for anftia

May be an image of one or more people, beard and text that says "C CaptCanuck Antifa Intel High Command @CaptCanuck6 15h Due to recent events, it's time to "rip off the band-aid." My name is Josh Chernofsky. used to be part of the racist right and now I'm an anti-racist and an anti-fascist. I've wanted to tell my story and come clean to the community for a long time, but didn't know how. 52 116 328"

Solidarity with Josh!From Josh: ” In 2019, I walked by a PEGIDA event and started talking to them. They convinced me they were patriots. We traded numbers. I joined their chatrooms and started going to their demonstrations. I didn’t understand why they encountered so much resistance so I wanted to learn more.I ended up joining various groups online and in person. I went to events organized by a variety of groups. I went to the Mohawk College PPC event and Roxham Road. I got to know some of the more known people in the extreme far right, including Bryan Trottier.There’s no better word to describe Bryan than pure evil. He’s a racist, he’s a harasser, and he wants to get people hurt or killed. Unfortunately, I helped him for a while.It was during this time that I was doxxed by Anti-Racist Canada. I was angry at the time, I wanted payback.Bryan gave me the addresses of Evan Balgord’s family and told me to post it on Stormfront. He told me that he wanted a neo-Nazi to use the info and kill @ebalgord or his family. He knew that I knew Kevin Goudreau, who had already asked people to kill Evan.When Thomas Zaugg was going through a mental health crisis on livestream, members of Plaid Army and Bryan himself called the RCMP. They showed up, and there was a standoff. Bryan gleefully emailed people with a link to the livestream.These are just a couple examples to explain what Bryan is. He’s a liar. He tries to turn people against each other. He plays both sides. Then he stabs them in the back. I keep watching him do it. Today he outed me. That’s okay. I’ve wanted to stop being anon for a long time.When an anti-racist activist took her own life, everybody in the far right chatrooms started celebrating. They started sending messages to her friends and other anti-racists telling them to kill themselves too. It was gross. That’s when I started to second guess things.Getting out is a process. I back-slid a few times, and wasn’t ready to cut all my ties right away. I reached out to members of the anti-racist and anti-fascist community and they were willing to talk. They showed me so much compassion during this time, and helped me get out.Then one day, during break, I was walking down Church St., and I was struck that everyone around me was just going about their lives, as a community. The LGBTQ+ community were not the enemies I was told they were. It was a moment when I realized I could not go back.I was already exposed by Anti-Racist Canada as a member of the Proud Boys in an article. I wanted to put that behind me, and reached out to ARC and @antihateca. We started talking too.Eventually, I told Evan that it was me that put his family’s info on Stormfront for Bryan, because Bryan wanted Evan and his family killed. I said I was sorry. Evan listened to me and forgave me.Some people suspected that I was passing info to anti-fascists. They were right. I was threatened/assaulted by Jordan Justein. I can’t go back to who I was before 2019. Once you’ve seen inside the racist right and how cruel it is, it can’t be forgotten. I want to help stop them.I’ve told a few people in the anti-racist community who I am and my story. Now it’s public. I’ve made apologies and I’m working to make amends. I hope the community can continue to show me compassion. I will be more accountable and keep making amends.So if you have any questions for me, just send me a DM. My name’s Josh Chernofsky. I used to be in a hate group, but I got out. I want to be even more involved in the anti-racist community, and be open about it.And if anybody is reading this that’s in a hate group or in their chatrooms right now who is having second thoughts — you can reach out. I’ll talk to you and introduce you to some cool and compassionate people. /thread”

I know you comment on Jade welfare bums twitter page who goes after me and whats to ruin my life and hurt me but that will never happen at all.

Jade welfare bum supports pedo yaniv and her pedo anftia transgender friends

here is the Phone call had with the TPS OFFICER WHEN anftia loser rat Josh calls the cops on me

well comment and tell me what you think

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