More pictures surfaced from Toronto Homeless shelter

As more pictures surface from The Toronto Better living center of the bad conditons where the problems are still happening.

a source whos been staying in the shelter tells me the problems are getting so bad in the shelter with illegal Drugs mass prostitution plus many more problems happening

When is the city of toronto going to deal with the problems in the shelter with fights llegal Drugs mass prostitution happening

The pictures have been send to me from a person tells me the bathrooms are gross in some places with the smoking illegal drug use and showers are broken almost a daily basics

The city of Toronto is turning a blind eye about the gross condtions in the homeless shelter and the tax money going to fund theses places need to be looked at

I dont blame the people who sleep in Parks because of the mass problems in the #toronto Homeless shelter

The source whos been in the better living center tells me its bad in there with staff turning a blind eye with the fights llegal Drugs mass prostitution happening.

source tells me there has been fights everyday in the shelter and its getting so bad in there

Mayor John Troy needs to explain why is this happening under his watch

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