Anftia Toronto not happy with me writing a story about them and jade welfare Bum calgary comments

well yesterday there so called rally at doug fords house and the left wing nuts were there protesting, I got the hello welcome from a racisit gal who hates freedom and people.

but welfare bum jade rat who supports transgender anftia pedo comments about me by saying That would be Donald the racist as hell Smith . Becareful as he will try and dox and harass you. when i am not goin to dox or assault people like anftia does,

Jade and pedo petch love to team up on me trash me on line but when jade gets called for her actions oh donald is racisit plus does this things

Yes i have been racisit in the past and said some nasty things but things welfare Bum just B-tches all the time about people,

I am planning to take legal action on the welfare bum and might fly to calgary to file court papers to have this slander welfare bum to stop what shes doing like Pedo petch

JADE lives in calgary housing which is like very cheap rent and i have problems such panic attacks but you can come on line trash people up for who they are,

jade will call the calgary police service on me lie to the teeth about me oh donald is doing this too me and more but look up R v Elliott before running to the calgary police service about me

Jade comments on my website and yes i said some things about her kid i am not proud for what i did but when you keep running your mouth i am going to keep writing stories about you

Anftia member who supports defunding the cops but wants to have me charged for uttering threats i would love to them to call the cops on me so i can get there names police reports and you name it so i can put the disclosure all over line to show ya theses anftia members just lie

JOSH CHERNOFSKY a member of Toronto antifa. works as a court process server 311 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON ONTARIO COURTS Provincial Courts Ontario Court of Justice will send your into plus dox your address and i am planning to file a peace bond on this person because i mean bussiness this time. the harressment theses people do is shocking what they can get away with.

Theses people in the Picture are bad people they will hurt you plus they do carry weapons

Comment and tell me what you think

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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