Toronto Homeless shelters

The city of Toronto has turned a blind eye on the Shelters in Toronto,

The problems people have told me and some of the homeless people i have chatted with tell me the shelters are unsafe, like fights thieft and more staff turn a blind eye about it

The shelter at the better living center i am told there has been some mass fights happening and its a free for all there, music loud mass drug problem you name it

some of the Homeless people i have chatted with Know me in toronto told me the same thing about the better living center fights loud music mass drug problem people steal your things.

Theses pictures were send to me from a person who was at the better living center this is what people live in small cubes with a cod, this is why some homeless people stay out side because of the problems happening in the shelter

The Better Living Centre site features plexiglass cubicles — with no doors and no privacy — shared washrooms and shower trailers outside. and more pictures will be coming

Another Toronto Homeless Dixon hall on geroge st former Youth jail and the condtions in this place gross. No heat i was told fights drugs and you name and people s stuff get stolen

Yes there Needs to be more Housing but there needs to be drug treatment centers in Canada. but how do people access theses progams?

well comment and tell me what you think

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