Vancouver Crown Prosecutor Monte Ruttan want to jail innocent person for taking pictures in Public place Criminal Harassment Charge, Court file 261868

Well as you know people in Vancouver Taking pictures is a criminal offence and Vancouver Crown Prosecutor Monte Ruttan want to jail me for the so called no crime.

April 27th 2021 AS a photographer ME DONALD WHO WAS CHARGED i was out taking pictures in a public place theses 4 jack ass Cops CST KING 2904 KOVR 3357 MAK 3218 SCHELLINCK 2974 CAME out to false arrest me, someone from E-comm made a false 911 call because there was a man with a camera in Public taking pictures which isnt crime but the four jack ass cops even the Vancouver Crown Prosecutor Monte Ruttan thinks its a crime for snapping photos.

Its very sad people out there can call the feelings police and lie falsey get someone charged, 6 to 7 months nothing for paper work to defend your self from the BS charges

The police officer stole my camera cell phone and more told me i cant record well too bad i can because its canada i am not having the feelings police called me again for talking pictures in a public.

i was charged with this crime in 2019 and the charges were stayed but its sad how Vancoouver Police and crown want to throw a photographer in Jail for taking pictures

Here is the police report of what happen when the Police lied and the e-comm staff made and here is the Video of the false 911 call even Video of the false arrest in 2019 shows ya Vancouver Police fucked up bad on this one

Vancouver Crown Prosecutor Joanna Medjuck withholding evidence in 2019 from me when i was falsely arrested for filming on a public side walk she wants to Jail me for it

Here are some pictures i took of where i was in filming in a passed and i am wonderin if this criminal harrssment for taking pictures of trees and other things in this area aka e-comm, i was on a public side walk

Look out and bout in Vancouver taking Pictures in public place wonderin if there is going to be criminal charges applied aka criminal harrssment from Vancouver Crown Prosecutor Monte Ruttan for taking pictures Vancouver police officer grabs the camera of Vancouver Province newspaper photographer Jason Payne. April 8, 2009.

Vancouver’s police chief has apologized for seizing a newspaper photographer’s camera

but the 4 jack ass cops arrested me for taking pictures in a public place

A Vancouver police officer grabs the camera of Vancouver Province newspaper photographer Jason Payne. April 8, 2009.
A Vancouver police officer grabs the camera of Vancouver Province newspaper photographer Jason Payne. April 8, 2009.

when is police going to quit abusing there powers and falsey arresting people for talking pictures

Here is the email i wrote the crown

Oct 22, 2021, 8:49 AM
subject:False charges. att courrpted RUTTAN

Hello Mr Ruttan.I want to say I am sorry for the email I wrote the other day.
here is the story for ya enjoy
I am letting you know. i am refusing to go to trial because the charges are so bougs are wrong, i have written a story about you on my website to let the world know how corrupted you are to Prosecute a photographer when its not a crime  the story is getting out and people are seeing How vancouver crown is corrupted like vancouver Police for arresting Photophotographers I am in the  works to sue the shit out of you for abuse of process what you did is wrong, if you and the govt want to settle this asap out of court lets do it because i am not goiing to shut up unless you say we are in the wrong for the false charges HAMLTION cop was in shit for this and he was found guilty

there is so more i can add but i am not going to waste my time on this because you are courrpt and do not care Drop the charges or ill keep speaking out on the false arrest 
thanks donald 

Here is the email where the crown wants to jail me for filming

Dear Mr. Smith;

Criminal Harassment Charge, Court file 261868

I understand you do not have a lawyer representing you, if that is incorrect please have your lawyer contact me.  Please communicate with our office by way of this email address only.    Your attendance at our offices threatening to sue serves no purpose.    Please address any communication with our office to my attention through this email address.   

Further, Ms. R. Sinclair does not and has not had conduct of your file.  

The Crown is ready to set trial dates on this matter.

Kind regards;

M. Ruttan

Crown Counsel

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