BC Liberals reject Aaron Gunn’s application to run for party leadership and the Commies are loving it that BC Liberals reject Aaron Gunn’s application

 BC Liberals reject Aaron Gunn’s application to run for party leadership because of he full truth colors in Speaking the Truth in whats happenin in BC.

BREAKING: B.C. Liberal Party denies political commentator Aaron Gunn's leadership bid

The left wing nuts are calling Aaron Gunn a proud boy member like this left wing nut Marcus Henry Weber, i called him out show me proof and hes going nuts about me.

Marcus Henry Weber tells me aaron is using the same slogans of the proud boys too me that is fuck all, theses left wing nuts need to quit spewing there crap out there

Going back to mr Gunn the BC Liberal Party are scared because mr gunn is speaking the truth what is happenin in BC COURRPTED ville and A party statement shared by Rob Shaw of CHEK News said that “Mr. Gunn’s candidacy would be inconsistent with the BC Liberal Party’s commitment to reconciliation, diversity and acceptance of all British Columbians.”

Aarron gunn has called out many of the problems in BC with the left taking over and commie groups starting up trouble plus many more

Marcus Henry Weber the left wing reporter hates freedom and supports commie things brings this up Right wing nuts don’t like people using their brain to identify crypto-fascists trying to hijack a major party to pursue their disgusting fascist agenda.

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