Cbc does a hit peace on Billboard Chris

wow looking this cbc news story what they did on chris was okay


The cbc failed to report that chris was attacked assaulted by the mob of unhinged violent kids even parents. chris and his security i will call it had stuff poured on them death threats being made and more. why the violent mob allow to assault people and not get charged for there crimes but you speak out about the problems you are labeled names through the book

violent kids at work with there parents support hurting others in this Video

our world has gone to crap and this anftia gay soy Violent people are takin over schools and more it needs to stop

there was couple ottawa city councillors at this so called hate rally to assault people, i have checked out theres members profiles they support anftia

Catherine McKenney who is a ottawa city councillor needs a head check after what i seen this anftia member needs to go

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