Pastor Tobias Tissen arrested for breaching health rules But Manitoba’s Health Minister Audrey Gordon can break the law

another day in this world of Luncey where a pastor from Steinbach, Manitoba was arrested on a outsiding warrant for standing up for freedom even preaching the house of god, Pictures Show ya everything how Justin Trudeau gang members work stand up for freedom you will get arrested and the courts allow this which i find a total Joke

 Manitoba’s health minister and families minister were caught breaking public health orders and i do not see the rcmp or city police arresting Manitoba’s health minister and families ministers for breaking the law, Hmm shocking?

I do believe as Minister of Health, I should be held to a higher standard and I have always upheld that standard. but wrong you come after people for standing up for freedom then get the cops arrest people hit them with bs fines tickets and more but crooked member like you get a free pass for the crimes you commit

comment and tell me what you think people


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