John southern was right about the meowmix what they do to people and me left wing anftia nuts

Well left wing nut bar on twitter trashing me up saying I’m really over this clown. He can’t even spell antifa. Stop perpetuating the myth that DFS is a victim and a poor little handicapped person. They’re not. I was wrong. They’re a fraud. A phone. A sexist, racist, creep that sent really shitty messages threatening a woman.

i will come clean for the comments what i did and what do but the left anftia members on the meowmix aka facepalmchris trashes me supports jade love story for the crap she does too me. yes again i have done shady stuff and i am not proud of it for what i did in the past but coming trashing me on twitter not a good thing

I supported the meowmix but when they started to support Jade anftia supporter even the hard core trans pedos well left wing nuts out there who like to ruin peoples lives

Chris tells me i should be in prison still but he supports the anftia crew even judges me about my spelling.

Here is some text messages from a person had sexual text messages with me and she was married but i am the one gets shit on for it.

i am not too worried about they say about me but seeing them coming after me saying i target women and children and police officers and innocent people doing their jobs is a joke. again i will own up to my mistakes but left wing nut bars will not own up to there mistakes

Comment and tell me what you think people

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My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world


  1. You never said sorry to me and you keep calling me a fat native cunt and bitch. Meow mix is right you harass so many people. You did it to me and my daughter. You need to grow up and you bash me for being in Disability. Dude you have been since you were 18. I have only been on it since 2015 and worked my ass off before I couldnt because of a brain injury and constant panic attacks. You think I am going to forgive you? Fuck that !! What do you have? NOTHING!! I have two kids who are awesome. I don’t drink ,smoke or do drugs and was actually a good member of society and I still am. You need to delete all your videos on me and others as you were told to do. You think I a, going to be nice when you keep those videos on your page?


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