Left wing nuts going on a hard core spree about me

Many people out there are accusin me of lying saying i didnt catch covid19 when i really did.

here is my proof i got the shot

Jade anftia welfare bum story is running her mouth again on me accusing me for commiting fraud saying i never got the shot when i really did i have the proof to Back it up i took the shot, its sad how theses left wing nuts love to go after me and make comments about do what they please in life

Brad dirks whos a major left wing nut loves to assault people and hurt people but when he runs his mouth like a lil bitch gets called out he runs to the cops oh theses people are Transphobes,

Donald News Now Canada Independent media
Independent Journalist
Freelance Photographer

Published by News Now Canada Independent media

My Name is Donald Smith I am the co founder of News Now Canada Independent Media photographer/ Blogger Where I go out Take pictures and blog what I see what is happening in the Real world

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